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Bee-Line Color Collection II

The Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection II was developed as a direct result of the success of the first Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection. The Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection II contains over 5000 fully colored images. Again, as with all the Bee-Line products, each image has been hand-drawn and meticulously vectorized to perfection. The added feature in the Color Collection is that every image is taken and is finished by professional coloring.

Hint: The colors can easily be changed to your own liking!

This royalty free Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection is ideal for anyone producing or involved with large- or grand-format digital imaging (Billboard or Banners), color desktop printing, color laser printing, flyers, brochures, vehicle graphics, wall murals, trade show displays and materials, silk screening, offset printing, computer imagery and web publishing for both Intranet and Internet applications. The potential uses and applications of the Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Clipart Collection are as unlimited as the entire collection of Bee-Line products.
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The Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection is in keeping with the high quality standards and wide variety and selections we've seen in the Bee-line ArtProFile Volumes 1.1, & 2.0 and the colored Christmas Collection. The new Bee-line ArtProFile Color Collection is a necessary addition to any Graphic Designer's arsenal of creative tools.

Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection file format
This clipart selection contains 5000 colored images. All images are saved as Illustrator 7.0 EPS images and remain fully editable when imported in vector based design programs that directly support Illustrator 7 format and filters (such as Illustrator, Freehand or other various vertical-market programs for sign making, graphic design, etc.). Additionally the illustrations are easily imported into all design and layout programs (such as CorelDRAW, Quarkxpress, Photoshop, PhotoPaint, and various vertical-market programs) supporting Illustrator 7.0.

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Some samples of our Bee-Line clipart images from th Bee-Line Color Collection

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