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The Bee-Line Background Edition

The Backgrounds contains over 500 fully colored editable vector (eps style line art) type images. This royalty free collection is very unique and original. These Bee-Line .ai images can be enlarged or edited without loss of quality (very important for large format printers) because they are a vector type image (not bitmap!).
Sample Bee-Line Backgrounds - Just ad text and print!
The Bee-Line background images can be altered by removing or adding other graphics or photos to make the image suitable for your particular application. The backgrounds are created using a new design technique. Each element within an illustration is a complete and independent object created within Adobe Illustrator. Using this design technique, you can move every object in front of or behind each other, or completely remove it without affecting the rest of the illustration. Every Beeline Background image is taken and is finished by professional coloring to create unique and eye pleasing images suitable for many different applications.

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Use your Bee-Line Backgrounds for
Restaurant Menus, Advertising, Flyers, Web design, Brochures, Newspaper ads
Instruction booklets, Stationery products, Yellow Page ads, Workplace posters,
Newsletters, Thermal printing, Packaging, Corporate ID, Internal communications, Publishing & Printing, Large format printing and many more applications

View samples using the Bee-Line Backgrounds

sample 01, sample 02, sample 03, sample 04,
sample 05, sample 06, sample 07, sample 08

View the Bee-Line images on the CD

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Clipart for large format printing

B01 - Animals
B02 - Celebrations
B03 - Computers and IT
B04 - Entertainment
B05 - Fashion
B06 - Festivals
B07 - Flags 1 & Flags 2
B08 - Food and drink
B09 - House and garden
B10 - Landscapes
B11 - Manufacturing
B12 - Nature
B13 - Patterns and abstract art - Set 1 & Set 2
B14 - Phenomena and concepts
B15 - Retail trade
B16 - Scenarios
B17 - Seasons
B18 - Sport and games
B19 - Tradesmen
B20 - Transport
B21 - Various Set 1 & Set 2

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File format used to create the Bee-Line Background images:
The Bee-Line Backgrounds contains 500 colored vector images. All images are saved as Illustrator 7.0 EPS images and remain fully editable when used in vector based design programs that directly support Illustrator 7 format and filters (such as Illustrator, Freehand or other various vertical-market programs for sign making, graphic design, etc.). Additionally the illustrations are easily imported into all design and layout programs (such as CorelDraw, Quarkxpress, Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint, and various vertical-market programs) supporting Illustrator 7.0. Note: CorelDraw has problems with some images in some versions of CorelDraw

Free sample to download
To download a MAC sample click here, to download a PC sample click here

Please note that "Microsoft Explorer" will change the extension of the file from *.eps to *.ps. Just change to extension back to *.eps. The proper name should be: B04-12.eps

The Beeline vectorized Backgrounds Collection


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