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Bee-Line Clipart on sale today

Clean-up at the Mad Dog Graphix studios

We are cleaning our warehouse and need to clear out all Beeline clipart stock left on our shelves.

These are all new Beeline CD's! You can buy them at very deep discounts but we only have a small amount of stock so don't wait to long!

Bee-Line CD's available:

BeeLine hand drawn clipart on BeelineClipart.comProduct #1: The Artist Edition

The Bee Line Artist Edition contains an assortment of over 750 very cool, unique and original hand drawn black and white royalty free vector images designed in-house by professional artists!

Each image has been vectorized to perfection with all details intact! The images are saved as Illustrator 88 EPS files with no overlapping objects, no excessive control points and remain fully editable in almost all design and editing programs. They can be used on Black and White or are easily colored-in for use in color printing, presentation or other color necessary applications.

A great clipart package for sign cutters, foam cutter users, print shops and many more clipart users
Visit the page: Artist Edition pages

Product #2: The Bee Line Background Edition
Bee-line Backgrounds clipart sample
The BeeLine Backgrounds collection contains over 500 fully colored and editable vector (line art) type images. This royalty free collection is one of the most unique and original collections of this type you will find. The images can be enlarged or edited without loss of quality (very important for large format printers) because they are a vector type images (not bitmap!). The images are easily transferred from the business card design to the large format printer with their inherent vector format. This product is very suitable for the advertising industry, printing industry and large format printing providers
Visit the page: Bee-Line Background pages

Santa Claus clipart image
Title #03: The Christmas Edition

The Bee-Line Christmas clipart Collection is a very unique collection of over 1,100 fully colored Illustrator 7.0 Christmas images. In the same trend as Volumes 1.1 and 2.0, the Christmas Collection images are fully vectorized images, but with a twist. Each image has been individually and professionally colored for maximum impact and appeal! Every Christmas image is completely editable and you can change the colors, edit the drawings, remove the colors or do anything to make the designs ready to output to your Large format printer, sign cutter, Dye printer, engraver or for desktop publishing and multimedia projects.
Visit the page: The Beeline Christmas clipart CD

Beeline Color Clipart Collection
Title #04: The Color Collection

The Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection was developed as a direct result of the success of the Bee-Line ArtProFile Christmas Collection.

The Bee-Line ArtProFile Color Collection contains over 1,800 fully colored images. Again, as with all the Bee-Line products, each image has been hand-drawn and meticulously vectorized to perfection. The added feature in the Color Collection is that every image is taken and is finished by professional coloring.
Visit the page: The Beeline Color clipart Collection

Meet the Hog!
Title #05: The Black & White Collections

Volume 1.1 contains approximately 16,400 royalty-free black and white clipart images and Volume 2.0 contains approximately 13,200 black and white clipart images
Visit the page: Beeline Black & White collection

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