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Bee-Line Artist Edition Royalty Free Usage Guidelines
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Royalty Free Usage Guidelines for the
Bee-Line ArtProFile products

We have published a very easy to understand guideline on the royalty free usage of the Bee-Line products. The licensee, having purchased from an Authorized Bee-Line distributor any Bee-Line ArtProFile product, has a virtually unlimited right to use the illustrations in the system. Bee-Line ArtProFile images can be used for advertisements, printed material, education material, special occasions or events, logos (logos may use or incorporate complete or components of Bee-Line designs but cannot be protected or copyrighted), signs, displays, television, multimedia productions, web sites, etc.

1. Every Bee-Line ArtProFile image is owned and copyrighted by Kehlet Reklame of Varde, Denmark.

2. By purchasing a Bee-Line ArtProFile product you are licensed for the non-exclusive right to use the Bee-Line ArtProFile products providing that the usage is not outside of the license rights provided to you.

3. You can produce any product using the Bee-Line images, provided that you sell the product direct to the end-user. 

4. Bee-Line images cannot be used in a situation where the item is produced or purchased by someone wanting to re-sell the product to an end-user. 

5. The price of a product sold with a Bee-Line image cannot be directly affected by the use of a Bee-Line image. For example you cannot charge more for a product produced using a Bee-Line image than for the same item produced using another piece of clipart.

6. The Bee-Line ArtProFile images cannot be reproduced or re-sold electronically for profit.

7. The Bee-Line ArtProFile images may not be posted, for download or viewing, on any website or Internet location.

The following examples provide scenarios where you can and cannot use a Bee-Line image:

1. Mr. Jones has a store in a shopping mall selling t-shirts and ball caps. He has approached you to produce t-shirts and ball caps printed with Bee-Line images that he will sell to the public.

This usage is not permitted as Mr. Jones is purchasing the products with a view to resell them.

2. You own a full service sign shop. Mrs. Smith comes in to order a banner or sign for her company barbeque. She wants you to use several Bee-Line images on the banner.

This usage is allowed as you are selling directly to Mrs. Smith, the end-user.

3. Mr. Rodriguez is opening a full service carwash. He has approached you to produce 10,000 postcards using a Bee-Line image that he wants to use in a mailing to announce the Grand Opening.

This usage is allowed as Mr. Rodriguez is not re-selling the postcards for profit.
A similar situation is that if a company orders Christmas cards using a Bee-Line image. As long as they are not selling the Christmas cards you are within the usage guidelines

4. Ms. Brown is starting a new company. She has approached you to design her company logo and print 1000 letterheads and business cards. She likes and wants to use part of a Bee-Line image in her logo.

This usage is permitted as Ms. Brown is the end-user, however Ms. Brown will be unable to register her logo as a trademark because the Bee-Line images cannot be copyrighted.

Non-compliance with the above licensing will result in legal action and your right to use any Bee-Line product will cease immediately.

The above is a simplified version of Kehlet Reklame's copyright and usage license. If you have any questions or are unsure if your proposed usage may infringe upon the Kehlet Reklame's copyright, please call and ask us.


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